Awards & Recognition

Raising Awareness in the Community

Give a Dog a Bone has presented about environmental enrichment to groups and organizations in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Past speaking engagements have included Conference for Homeless Animals Management Policy (CHAMP); Guide Dogs for the Blind; California Animal Control Director’s Association (CACDA); and the Animal Rescue Conference.

Recognized for Making a Difference

GADAB’s important work has been acknowledged by the following organizations:

— ASPCA, Western Division
— San Francisco SPCA
— Animal Farm Foundation
— Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)
— San Francisco Board of Supervisors
— San Francisco Commission of Animal Control and Welfare
— PetSmart Charities


— Certificate of Honor — San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 2003
— Best Canine Cause — Bay Woof, Beast of the Bay Awards, 2012


We can’t just sit them down in a 4 by 8 cage, give them three meals a day and expect them to flourish. These are living, sentient creatures. They need a lot more than that and Corrine was one that really recognized that. They need stimulation. They need enrichment. They need love… They need all the things that normal canines need. “

— Carl Friedman, Former Director of San Francisco Animal Care and Control, on the value of shelter enrichment

“The ASPCA National Shelter Outreach Department is proud to award a ‘Partners in Caring’ grant to Give a Dog a Bone for their innovative program. GADAB exemplifies how successful partnerships between volunteer/non-profit groups and municipal agencies can make a positive difference for the needy animals in a community.”

—  Sam Marsteller, Western Region Manager, ASPCA


“If the animal’s stress level is lower, then our stress level is going to be lower, because they are just so much easier to handle. They’re happier, easier to deal with, and quieter.”

—  Betsy Berberian, former Animal Care Attendant, San Francisco Animal Care and Control