Improving Quality of Life – Every Day

Volunteers are the lynchpin of Give a Dog a Bone. They provide the hands-on training and enrichment services that shelters and shelter dogs so desperately need. GADAB could not exist – much less thrive – without the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.

It is through the work of GADAB volunteers that we will be able to increase the number of shelters providing enrichment, and positively impact the lives of many more dogs.

Volunteers can support shelters and shelter dogs in two primary ways: As a training consultant, and/or an enrichment consultant.

What Does it Take to Become a GADAB Volunteer?

Give a Dog a Bone welcomes anyone 21 years of age and older, with some degree of dog training or shelter volunteer experience, who wants to give their time and expertise and is interested in making a real difference. We ask for a one-year commitment.

Calling All Professional and Lay Trainers & Behaviorists — GADAB needs YOU!

In return, we offer a rich and diverse environment for field experience and further training, and the opportunity to improve your skills while helping shelter dogs stay mentally and emotionally fit and adoptable. Here’s your chance to work with dogs of many different breeds, ages, temperaments and sexual status (intact and neutered males, unspayed and spayed females), and to gain experience across a wide variety of behaviors and issues.

Other Ways to Help

— Fundraising
— Legal Counsel for non-profits
— Grant writing
— Public relations
— Web design and IT

Let’s Get Started!

To volunteer, go to the Contact Us page and drop us an email. Be sure to put ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line. We will get back to you right away!